Top 10 Uses for Pressure Washers

Like many of you, I've used a lot of hand tools, power tools, and power equipment over the years. Table saws, routers, sanders, tile cutters, chainsaws, generators, nail guns, jack hammers, lawn mowers, pressure washers and more. Each tool has it's own special function and appeal. Of course, running the jack hammer to take out my front concrete sidewalk was the big he-man moment of all time for me. Wow! I'm sure the kids were incredibly impressed with their old man, and you can't even imagine what my wife thought. Ratta tat tat! But of all the above, nothing is as fun or satisfying to run as a pressure washer.

Power washers do jobs that just can't be done with any amount of scrubbing or elbow grease. Hot or cold water under pressure is just about one of the most powerful forces out there for cleaning, blasting or washing. The last time I used this tool it was to clean out 30 years of embedded dirt from the light colored brick on the front of my house. Worked like a charm, and gave me more bragging rights with the kids.

When it comes to pressure washers, please realize that they are extremely powerful and can be destructive and even dangerous if not used properly. Like any power tool, use caution and follow manufacturer's instructions carefully. Having said that, pressure washers can be used on many things; pretty much anything you need to clean or blast. Pressure washers come in various strengths and features, but today I just wanted to run down the top 10 uses for your pressure washer.

  1. Washing a Car, truck or RV - With the right wand and attachments, washing your vehicle will be something to look forward to rather than dread.
  2. Washing a Boat - You know that mystery discoloration on your boat. Sort of like hard water stains on a glass. Well, never fear, pressure washers to the rescue! And barnacles and other nasties are no problem. Your boat will thank you.
  3. Cleaning a Sidewalk - Sidewalk cleaning is easy with this tool. Just remember, pressure washers can be extremely powerful and will actually destroy the concrete if you aren't careful. And remember, there is no more important safety rule than to wear these - safety glasses. (Any other Norm Abrams fans out there?)
  4. Cleaning Wood Decking - Here's the thing on wood. Don't linger too long or too close or you'll ruin whatever you are working on.
  5. Cleaning a Fence - Iron, chain link, wood, plastic, or whatever. It doesn't matter what your fence is made out of, a pressure washer will get into all the nooks and crannies no problemo.
  6. Cleaning Patio Furniture - Mold or dirt is no problem to remove from patio furniture. If you want to remove paint for repainting, there are pressure washers that will tackle the job. Watch for small bits flying and dream about how great your new furniture will look when you're done. Hey, if you don't like the color you can just hit it again!
  7. Washing Out a Gutter - No more yucky squishy goop to handle by hand. Just blast it out. Period.
  8. Cleaning a Driveway - Cleaning a driveway is really only done right with pressure washers. The right chemical cleaner with that right pressure washer and that oily dirty surface will become a thing of the past.
  9. Cleaning Siding - My personal favorite. It doesn't matter what the siding is because when you get done it will look like brand new. Again, just don't linger or get to close because you can harm the surface.
  10. Cleaning or Washing _____ - This is the best one because you get to fill in the blank. Just get creative and stay safe. Pressure washers are powerful, effective, fun, and your kids will be so proud of you!


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