Coyote Hunting Contest



Coyote Hunting Contest

Location: Northeast NC- Southeast Virginia
Content Dates: March 8th 6PM thru March 10th 4 PM
Cost: $50 entry per person, 1 or 2 person team
Payback: 90% payback

Contest Details

Registration will be from now until March 8th at 6 PM. Weigh in will be March 10th @ 4:00 PM at Tunis Landing in Winton, NC.

This being said, you DO NOT have to drive to Tunis to sign up. You may sign up by credit card/PayPal online and if you feel like you don’t have what it takes to win you don’t have to make the drive to weigh in on Sunday!

  1. Biggest coyote and who has the most coyotes! 50/50 pot for biggest and most.
  2. You may hunt all hours between 6:00 PM March 8th and 4:00 PM March 10th
  3. You may use calls, dogs, night optics, etc.
  5. Kill blocks will be used in this contest. When you harvest your animal you must immediately put the numbered Jenga block in their mouth, shut their mouth, and zip tie the Jenga block in their mouth. A number will be given to all who are in competition to be written on the block through text messaging at 6 pm Friday night.
  6. All animals must be killed in a legal sporting manner and follow all wildlife game regulations.
  7. If you have any questions please message us at Tunis Landing on Facebook. Or call 252-370-8717